Sunday 21 February 2016

A sporting days play in OFD 1

For Sunday Brendan, myself and Mike were joined by Carl and Magdalena for an OFD I round trip.

As I had never popped my head in to Powell's Cave, Brendan led us on a slight diversion through this short, but impressively proportioned cave before continuing on to OFD I.

We had been unsure if water levels would be ok for this trip, and arriving at The Step we were pleasantly surprised. Although high we were happy that the sporting stream way would not be a danger.

This was Magdalena's first experience of a UK cave and she certainly seemed to enjoy herself, her smile never leaving her face, even when up to her neck in icy water!

The high water levels gave the chance to take some dramatic photo's on the way in and after a couple of shots we continued over the pots on on to Boulder chamber before doubling back to climb up at Lowe's chain. Carl did an impressive job of showing why round'a'bout chamber is so aptly named and Magdalena made all the right noises as we took in the pretty formations.
At the bolt traverse we again took a little time for a quick photo before continuing on and bumped in to Les and Co who were doing the escape route in reverse. This was just before the dug out and as they were stood in the passage I missed the turn and headed toward the Maypole series before Brendan called be back....DoH!

On our way out Brendan had a quick play with flash bulbs at Pluto's bath and we had a quick scout around for a future shoot location. The intimidating flat out squeeze go the better of me and only Brendan and Magdalena actually pushed through..... looks like I'm back on the diet if we're going to get a shot of the deep lake which loomed the other side!

After this we headed out and up the hill for warm showers and our customary cuppa before heading off.

Mike in the impressively sporting stream way (Photo Mark Burkey)
Magdalena at the bolt traverse (Photo Mark Burkey)

Carl at Pluto's Bath (Photo Brendan Marris)

Present: Brendan, Mike, Carl, Mark & Magdalena

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