Sunday 7 February 2016

Shacked Up In Cwm Dwr

After a night under the stars, hail, rain and high winds, Mark and Chloe were both feeling a little under the weather and so a lighter trip was planned to pop in to Cwm Dwr to take a couple of photo's in Big Shacks 2.
Only Brendan had been before so it would be nice to visit a part of the system we hadn't previously done.
We headed in through the damp crawls, paused for a quick photo in Cwm Dwr Jamma and then continued through the boulder choke and in to Big Shacks 2.
We started by climbing Boudica's Chariot Wheel Aven to have a poke around and then squeezed through to take a peek at the end passage before heading back to our main objective, photographing the Big Shacks 2 main chamber.
After this we offered Chloe and Mark more of a trip but they were happy with what we'd done and so we headed back out for a welcome cuppa before heading back.

Cwm Dwr Jamma (Photo M.Burkey)
Big Shacks 2 (Photo M.Burkey)
Big Shacks 2 (Photo B.Marris)
Big Shacks 2 (Photo B.Marris)

Present: Brendan, Mark, Mark2, Chloe and Jess

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