Sunday 28 February 2016

A Trip To Tunnel Top

Sundays trip was to be a slightly more gentle Tunnel Top trip to try and find the Cascade Aven extensions.
We lost Chloe at the entrance and she decided her cold was getting the better of her and retreated to the parked cars to look after the cakes.
With just the 3 of us left Brendan and I took a few photo's at the entrance before poking around all the passageway around the calcite slope.
After a couple of hours we decided not to leave Chloe for too long and begun to head out. As Brendan made his way up the entrance pitch Mark Burgess went for a poke around below the pitch head and when he came back he said it seemed to continue down a tube, so whilst he made his way up the pitch I one to take a look and continued on down to a drafting rift which I'm sure is the Cascade Aven series and we will have to return to explore!

Calcite Cascade (Photo Brendan Marris)
Calcite Cascade (Photo Brendan Marris)

Present Mark Burkey, Brendan Marris & Mark Burgess

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