Saturday 16 April 2016

Dan Yr Ogof, The Far North

Although not really feeling well rested after a rather busy week we had promised Chloe and Mark a trip to the Far North in Dan Yr Ogof, and so we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to South Wales hoping the weather would be kind.
Upon arriving at the show cave we were pleased to find water levels quite low and the sun even popped out as we changed.
We made our way in through the entrance series with no problems to the green canal, only stopping off for a quick photo of cloud chamber. The others elected to do the chilly swim whilst I popped over the top.
The caving stayed fairly easy going as we made our way up the rising and down the various pitches until we arrived at the mostest. Here Chloe took a look at the rift climb and wasn't over enthusiastic about continuing, which suited me, and so we went to look at the pretties before continuing back over the high level route to Pinnacle Chamber.
At the pitch out of the Great North Road we again paused for photographs before continuing out.
Back at the SWCC we feasted on lasagne and garlic bread compliments of Jess before heading for a good nights sleep before our Sunday adventures.

Cloud Chamber
Great North Road Pitch

Present: Chloe Burney, Jess Burkey, Mark Burgess & Mark Burkey

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