Saturday 30 April 2016

Ireby Fell Cavern: Ireby 2

Having been given a long weekend off work Jess and I decided to make the most of it and head up to Yorkshire. We had been told that diggers had rigged Ireby Fell Cavern and that if we wanted to use their ropes we'd be more than welcome and so that was made our plan for the Friday.

We walked over from Mason Gill in the usual snow flurries and hail (It is spring after all!) and made short work of the entrance series and were soon making our way through Duke Street. We had been told the connection through to Ireby 2 was a 180m hands and knees crawl, but soon found out that hands and knees is subjective and spent a good 1/3 flat out on the grippy mud until we reached a rope climb down in to waist deep water. Fortunately this doesn't last for long and we were soon in the large passage of Ireby 2.

We spent a little time searching up the various dig ropes before retreating to take a couple of photos and head back out, grateful that we weren't having to de-rig as we went.

Jess in the entrance tube 
Bell Pitch
Ireby 2
Ireby 2

Present: Mark & Jess

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