Monday 2 January 2017

Caver Keith Caving Videos 2016

It has been a very successful year (2016) for my caving videos.

  • My 1st caving video was of Eldon Hole in 1990. Recorded on VHS.
  • My YouTube channel was created on 9th October 2008.
  • My 1st YouTube video was of Ogof Pasg and Ogof Foel Fawr using a Hi8 camcorder.
  • The channel now has 104 caving videos
  • With 3016 likes and 163 dislikes of the caving videos.
  • 1548 shares and 563 subscribers
  • And an amazing 776, 306 video views with 418,129 of them this year alone.
Channel Growth: Caving Video Views by Year
Top 10 Caving Videos