Sunday 22 January 2017

Lionel's Hole

This was on the list of caves for our pre-Christmas trip on 10th December but after messing about in Goatchurch (see Caver Keith Goes In Search of the Real Santa Claus) and Sidcot Swallet (see Caver Stuck in the Lobster Pot) we ran out of time.
I'd done the round trip in Lionel's many years ago and my vague memories didn't prepare me for the complexity of this small cave, not to mention its sporting nature.
Route finding took some time and when we found the way on we then found that mark wouldn't fit through the first squeeze! We consulted the survey and found an alternative route but then managed to go off route at the end of the traverse. Eventually back on track we found the next squeeze and the squeeze in the steamway. Kay and I went through but the going didn't get any easier after this. We had read that the round trip involved 6 squeezes and Mark didn't want to get most of the way round only to have to turn back. With this and the call of coffee and cake at the Burrington Inn we decided to cut the trip short and engage in our favourite pastime - consuming vast quantities of cake.
Some video was taken which may eventually make it to YouTube but perhaps a return trip is needed to finish filming the system - thin cavers only need apply.

Jess and the second squeeze
The Team: Keith, Kay, Jess and Mark.

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