Sunday 1 January 2017

Caver Stuck in the Lobster Pot, Sidcot Swallet

We all have bad days, days where nothing seems to go right, days when things that are usually easy such as a particular obstacle in a cave become next to impossible. These incidents always provide great amusement for the spectators and over the years they have provided superb material for my caving videos. Today I have learned a new word, schadenfreude, and I have to plead guilty to engaging in a lot of schadenfreude during my caving career - great fun, happy memories. However I've rarely been on the receiving end, and never when some joker is pointing a video camera in my face. Please DO NOT share this film as is not up to the usual high standard expected by viewers of Caver Keith videos. It is being published under great duress and at the insistence of my caving chums who feel that fans of my videos would like to see me suffering from extreme embarrassment. I tried telling them that the footage had been lost - they didn't believe me. "Not exactly lost but corrupted when my computer crashed," I replied. They still wouldn't believe me. Neither would they believe that my computer had been hacked and the raw footage stolen. Eventually I had to give in and show them the footage, and now as a penance I've had to make it public.

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